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Well now, welcome to the middle of June. I wanted to take a few minutes to update about what’s been going on lately, and why things got a little quiet on the blog. Though it’s been a few weeks since my last post, and I have a couple drafts not yet completed, there are some other updates which you may have missed

Site Updates

I finally spent some time updating the website for my consulting practice, Altify Software. With that, came some great SEO advice from Matt Baron, whom I am hoping to have a guest blog post about optimizing your site and blog soon. I’ve also written a few technical articles, with samples on my very fancy GitHub account!

The best part about GitHub was when I synced it the wrong way and lost all of my work…..

Check it out

My next goal is to go through every post on this blog, and make sure it is up to par on SEO.

Business Updates

The end of my runway (based on time and money) has come. After working for the past couple months on ReplyWire, there is significantly more work to be done, though I am cutting out features and simply trying to get it out there.

As such, per my agreement with myself, I’ve begun looking for new contract and business opportunities. ReplyWire will continue being developed, but is being moved to a side project for the time being, until I build up some momentum behind it again.

The second reason is, I’m tired of working at home, and it’s negatively affecting my enthusiasm, so my current goal is to get back in to a group and start collaborating on something great.

Personal Updates

I’m still working on renting out my house, and hoping to have a lease signed by this Friday, and starting on July 15th.

Once leased, I will be relocating to be closer to friends and people my age, more collaborative environments, and where there are more things to do in walking/biking distance. Bensalem is great, but I don’t have kids and could use some more entertainment without driving so far out of the way.

Also it’ll just change things up a bit, I really don’t need this much space.

So those are the updates for now. Keep going forward and have fun doing it!

Everything is about perpective


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