Ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened. Last Thursday I attended the inaugural event for the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Top  IT Pros of 2013.

As I mentioned a couple months ago, I was nominated and won in the Startup Tech Stars category. The Top IT Pro award was created to recognize individuals in the Philadelphia community who work tirelessly in the area of technology to make new things, shake up the norm, and build amazing technology products.

During the event, I ran into several prominent figures in the Philly Tech area, and they all shared with me a similar piece of advice. FOCUS

It is very easy to confuse activity for progress, however, it’s much harder to gain traction when you are dipping your toes into many different areas.

For now, I’ll reiterate the three key elements of being successful, as told by Tim B.

  1. Be Focused
  2. Figure out what differentiates you from your competition
  3. Be Likable!

Here is my article in the PBJ!


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