Shut up and do it

Hi there! Remember me? Maybe I forgot for a little while. Perhaps it hasn’t been a priority. But what matters is what I’m doing right now. This summer has been long, there has been a lot of ups and downs, and unfortunately over the past couple months, I’ve strayed from the goals I have originally set out to accomplish.

But you know what, that’s OKAY.

It isn’t the things you did not do that defines someone, it is the things they do. One of the easiest things I’ve found is how easy it is to STOP doing something. How inviting the couch is, how nice it is to sit down, TV? Yes please!

So I regressed a little bit, but the important thing is, identifying the areas you want to change, and make a conscience effort to change them.

This past Saturday I gave my first presentation. The topic, Exploring Fear, the place, Bar Camp Philly 2013. I’ve written about fear before, it’s a big topic, and one I was excited to talk about. And  by excited I mean nervous and sweaty. Good thing I wore a black shirt.

But! I have a goal in mind of taking my experiences and lessons, and becoming a presenter. What better way then to get up and do it. I decided to do the talk late in the came, after the first session was already complete. I really tried to convince myself that I wasn’t ready, but then I forced those thoughts a side and scheduled the session. Now I was committed.

Jump to the session, it’s 4:15, only 2 people in the room. Wow, now that would be scary, what’s worse than a room full of people? A room with no one showing up. But in a few minutes, there was a good 30 people there. I started my talk, and it was great, I didn’t even have to picture anyone sans clothing!

The talk quickly moved to a discussion, where to my surprise, people really opened up about some of the things they are afraid of.

It was nothing short of amazing. I really can’t express my appreciation enough to those who shared.

As I was talking, I remembered some of the lessons and challenges I face in the past couple years, and I need to remind myself, there is no RIGHT WAY, simply taking action, no matter the path, will eventually get you to where you need to go.

Taking action… This is harder than it sounds. Many times, we jump to far, and do too much at once, other times, we are easily distracted and don’t even realize we are back sliding to our old habits.

So what are my actions? I started biking, my goal is 290 miles biked before my 29th birthday. I’m at 260.5, and my birthday is next week, better get on it!

I also made an at home standing desk. Looking back, I realized much of my energy in the beginning of the year came from me standing most of the day. Two days in, and I’m already feeling positive affects.

Next, I started to revisit the goals I had at the beginning of the year, and see where I stand with them. Turns out, I need to get to work on that again. But That’s OKAY

Truth it, everything is OKAY, as long as you are comfortable with the decisions you make. Jobs come and go, relationships start and end, but at those final moments, you only have to answer to yourself. So if you’re putting off doing something, start, even if it’s the wrong way, you do it backwards, or upside down. Things NEVER get easier, you only get better at handling it.

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. ”

― William James


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