Roll with it


I wanted to shoot a quick video based on some of my experiences in the past couple weeks. The underlying point is the importance to take some things as they are, and that sometimes you need to roll with the punches.

A week back, I flew down to LA for a one hour meeting. The only flight I could take which would get me to LA in time was ridiculously early, as such I had a lot of downtime before the meeting. Then the meeting, we got to the designated office, set up, and waited. 5, 10, 15 minutes later, we are now 5 minutes past the start of the meeting, and no one!

Then we get an email, due to a miscommunication, the meeting is now in another building 10 minutes away.

We scramble and drive over only to get to an empty room. Opps, the meeting location changed again!

Another example that happened to me this week. We were hosting a client workshop in Miami, focused on how emerging technologies like wearables and IOT can improve the customer experience. The meeting started at 9, and included a number of important stakeholder. At 8:30, we ask valet to get our car. 8:35, 8:40, 8:50, valet hasn’t brought out our car. Finaly at 8:52 we get the car, and of course the office is 15 minutes away…

Walking in, I immediately made a joke about how the valet provided us with a bad customer experience, and that this is exactly the topic we are here to solve. And I rolled right into the workshop. And you know what, so did the client.

Why am I telling you this?

I could’ve easily gotten upset, stressed out, angry even, but I didn’t, I looked on the bright side, kept a positive attitude, and turned the situation around on to a lighter note. As a result, we succeeded on both meeting. In fact, when I left LA to wait for my flight, I managed to hop on an earlier flight right away, for free, getting me home 3 hours early.

AND in Miami, I got a free upgrade to first class.

The point here – there are things that are going to happen which you can’t control. Your job, is to figure out how to spin it and make it positive, not just to keep clients happy, but more importantly, keep YOURSELF happy.

My mom always told me – Attitude is everything.

UPDATE – So I have an update to this story. Quite literally right after I filmed and wrote this, my flight from Miami was delayed by 7 hours. SEVEN hours! Man people were angry. Because of who I am, I started running around and trying to talk to people, make them laugh, and general lift spirits. Surprisingly (or maybe not), people actually took their frustration out on me!

That’s alright, I can tough it out, the poor flight staff was getting it from everyone.

The result was, I did make it to my destination eventually, I got a free flight, and free drinks the whole flight!

Look, this just helps solidify my point. Control your reactions to situations, it’s the ONLY thing you have control over.

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