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The resurgence of the at home gadget hacker

A really cool thing happened to me the other day. On a chilly weekend, I decided to warm myself up by going inside a nearby mall, which if you read in to my history, you’ll know I have a long relationship with malls, and while there, I ventured in to a RadioShack.

Sadly, over my relatively short lifespan, RadioShack has been facing a bit of an… Identity problem. I remember when I used to go in to RadioShack for help with my robots, and the techs would go over the circuits with me, resistor by resistor, identify the problem, and together we would fix it. Now, they push more cell phones then solar cells.

But, to my immense happiness, I came across something wonderful, a whole isle dedicated to Raspberry Pi and Arduino starter kits, and much more in terms of robotics kits, books , and sensors.

It’s finally come, the resurgence of the at home gadget hacker.

But something is different. 10 years of technology advancement has brought technology previously unobtainable (without paying a hefty price), down to the hands of an 8 year old. Now, kids, and kids at heart, can play IoT – The home version!

With the cost of device hitting laughably low prices, you can get a fully functional micro-computer, with WiFi, for about $40. It’s becoming more feasible to connect everything in your house.

Have an old TV? Attach a smart system to it!

Want your coffee made in the morning? Attach a smart system to it!

Have a leaking pipe? Call a plumber!

I decided it was time for me to get back in the home brewing game as well, and went over to Adafruit to pick up the latest Raspberry Pi B+ kit.

Over the next couple weeks, I’m hoping to come up with some new project which I’ll be sharing right here, perhaps even during one of the brown bag sessions.

Stay tuned, and share some of your own homebrew creations!

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