Opportunity Luck

Do you ever notice how some people just seem to always fall in to the right situations, meet the right people, and win constantly? I know I notice it, and at first, this is pretty discouraging. How could it not be when we are always comparing ourselves to others?

Hearing about triumphs and successes of others is like going on Facebook, which has been found to increase social comparison, and actually foster depression and anxiety. The reason for this is simple, people crop out the bad parts of life and business. No one wants to read a book about losing all the time (and when you do hear stories about failure, it’s usually accompanied by found success).

But there is a dirty little secret going on here. When you knock on enough doors, eventually some of them will open, and once you start opening doors, these will lead to more doors. The trick is all about trial an error. As you work on you pitch, engage your customers, learn who your target market is, you become better at iterating on your approach tactics.

There is a saying, from approaching 100 people, you will get 10 leads, from 10 leads, you will get 1 customer. Meaning, for 100 customers, you need 1,000 leads from 10,000 people. This is a little bit misleading, because is assumes a linear grow curve, but for the first several customers, is holds true.

Keep trying until you find a model that fits

Part of growing and managing a business, or yourself, is figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. In order to do this, you need to try a lot of things that don’t work. Sometimes, we find it easy to believe that someone has “IT” and we don’t, and create excuses based on this belief. And why not make these excuses? It gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside that our destiny is set, and we can’t do anything to change it, and let’s accept it and watch another episode of How I Venture to Parks in Portlandia.



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