I’m obsessed with our world. I constantly finding myself exploring the ways that technology interacts with our everyday lives. In diving, I quickly gravitated to the latest and greatest equipment which let me dive deeper, longer, and explore more unimaginable corners of the world. In climbing, I’m learning new techniques in anchoring and equipping  and using simulation technology I can figure out loads and weight distribution. Heck, even flying helicopters teaches me to think 3 dimensional, and figure out the interaction of weather to a non-linear travelling object. (Winds a bitch!)

In the case of diving technology, something incredible happened  My rebreather directly influences the way that my body operates in the physical world. Through trial and error, and lots of research, we know the absorption rates of different gasses in our bodily tissues. First, we came up with tables to limit our exposure. We invented dive bells for deep water decompression, and long saturation dives. But now, I can strap a rebreather to my back, loaded with all the latest algorithms, and two/three primary gases, and I can manipulate the onloading of gases in to my body.

I can pull nitrogen out of my tissue at will, I can prevent nitrogen narcosis  maximize my bottom time, dive deeper, explore. I can tweak the my bodies basic operational resources to maximize my physical performance. Seriously!

But diving it just one outlet of interactive manipulation. How cool is it that we can write a few lines of code, stick it in the cloud, and have it trigger an action on my phone. Today, we are able to write 1’s and 0’s, stick them in some semi-physical location, and bring it into the physical world.

How is this calculator still as expensive as it is?!?
How is this calculator still as expensive as it is?!?

My imagination goes nuts thinking of ways to harness this power, and create systems which manipulate our lives. My whole life I’ve worked hard to do things smart, not tough. I consider myself to be the laziest person I know. But this is a different kind of lazy. This is the lazy that drives invention. Lazy = Efficient

In school, I would spend more time creating a program to quickly answer trigonometric problems then I would studying the material. In a way, I cheated. Sure, in the end I couldn’t solve the issues right off the top of my head. But the result was that I understood each step in getting to the solution, to the point where I can translate it in to computer code, and run it on demand. My simple software would provide me answers long after I moved on to other topics. Quickly generating repeatable results.This is power.

You're Awesome
Does this really need a caption?

I act like a kid, a lot. This is because, one, because it’s way more fun then acting as an adult, two, because sometimes it’s very important to put what you ‘know’ and what you’ve ‘experienced’ behind, and see the world from an fresh and open perspective.

Plus, goofing off is awesome. I’ve come up with some really intense system, which help run huge companies. I’ve also hidden LOLCats behind the scenes in many of these systems. I’ve written before about the importance of thinking differently. And boy do I make sure to do this frequently.

Shoot, even while writing this I was distracted by some of the latest in interactive avatar technology.

I suppose in closing I just want to say, be obsessed with something! Be passionate. Follow your curiosity, and act upon it.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

-Albert Einstein

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