I was recently mentioned in Philadelphia Regions Business Magazine! Even had one of my quotes as an anchor quote. Let’s take a quick look at entrepreneurship in Philadelphia.

Here is the tldr; version

That sort of mentality is at the heart of disruptive technologies and entrepreneurship. It’s also at the heart of SEED Philly, another collaborative for local entrepreneurs. SEED Philly, a non-profit,  provides the “ecosystem” and resources new companies need to get started. Like everything tech-minded, it’s all about collaboration, there too. Education, vetted community directory, and shared workspace to help get start-ups off the ground, but keep them in Philadelphia.

Local entrepreneur AJ Bubb has been spending his time helping with tech support for startups at SEED Philly when he’s not consulting through his own company.“If there’s one thing Philadelphia is good at it’s cultivating hard core fans,” Mr. Bubb jokes. “There’s less population per capita here. But it’s about quality, not quantity. There are angel investors here, venture capitalists, here, you just have to work harder to find them. You have to be better at what you do.”

If You Can Make it Here, You Can Make it Anywhere


And here is a link to the full web version: http://philadelphia.regionsbusiness.com/print-edition-news/2013-year-of-the-innovator/


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