Hololens Everywhere!

Microsoft’s Hololens is the newest device on the block in the Augmented/Virtual reality space. We were lucky enough to not only get our hands on one device, but 3 devices, allowing us to play in sync with the world around each of us.


Dave Arendash (@thatvrguy) joins me as we talk a bit about how groundbreaking this device it. Dave has over a decade of experience in AR and VR work, and has seen and used practically every device on the market, so I trust him when he says “WOW, in the last 24 hours my job just completely changed.”

Truth of the matter is, I’ve always been skeptical at AR and VR solutions. They seemed clunky, and difficult to deploy, especially at scale, but with the Hololens, all of that seems to be changing. In a matter of minutes, we were able to stand up almost all of the key wearables use cases, without writing a line of code.

Alright, enough of me talking, let’s watch.


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