It’s been a while

Start again

Wow, time flies. My last post was over a month and a half ago! A lot has been going on. But, as I’ve said repeatedly, you cannot beat yourself up for not being able to do EVERYTHING on your goal list, you just pick yourself up and start again.

Firstly, I’m proud to announce our group, Brave Genius, is making good progress toward finding a focus, and building up some momentum. Good times for all!

Secondly, what have I been up to?! Well, Philly Tech Week was two weeks ago, and boy was it a blast. Over a hundred events, and I was crazy enough to go to more than 20. My impression? There is a much bigger community around the city than people think, and the amount of opportunities are huge!

Thirdly, it’s diving and climbing season! I already made my first dive in 41 degree water, and boy was I cold, even in a drysuit. I guess losing all the weight had some downsides.

What to expect? I’m going to get back on this blog, expect some more deep thoughts, as well as some new technical articles. In fact, I’m give my first presentation at next Thursdays Newtown Web Tech Meetup, covering *as a Service architectures, come visit!

Have a great Tuesday everyone, live like it’s Friday.

Everyday is a new opportunity to start over


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