I thought that I would have a little fun on my pre-weekend post. I wanted to share  my thoughts on getting everything you’ve ever wanted, always. There is a chance this might be the most pitchiest sounding post ever, but I have a plan, drag the reader in with something they obviously want, and then right hook them with reality!

How do you get everything you always wanted?

Figure out what you want

This might sound a little obvious, but it’s really not as easy as it sounds. Figuring out what you want, and what really fulfills you, is not a simple task. It takes years, and many mistakes and wrong turns to really nail it down, or you might be lucky and get it right the first time. Either way, don’t be afraid to pick something and then go for it.

Understand how it positively affects the world around you

You are more likely to succeed at getting what you want if your wants somehow improve the world around you. When you do positive things for those around you, they are more likely to help you on your mission to achieve your goals. Remember that saying, the best way to become rich is to make other people rich? Replace rich with X and it will still hold true.

Stop wanting unrealistic things

Going back to the SMART goals topic, some goals just are not realistic, and it is up to you to determine when something really isn’t going to happen. With the amount of attention we yield to super successful people and ideas, we can end up convinced we *need* that huge billion dollar win. This is a little bit insane, and is that what is really important to you?

Put yourself in a situation where you are likely to get what you want

Environment plays a great deal towards how far you get. If you are looking for a promotion, is it more likely to happen at a 10 person company where you are already wearing multiple hats and at the top of the group, or a bigger company with some room to grow? This is why engineers go to NYC and Silicon Valley, they don’t want to be in a place where the earning ceiling is $100K, they want to be in a place where they get stock options and large salaries with bonus. The point is, if your goal is to be bigger than what your pool can handle, then you’re not going to achieve it unless you get into a bigger pool.

Appreciate what you have

Understand the different skills, qualities, and positive forces you already have. You’ll need be able to leverage all of these aspects of your life in order to give you the momentum to move forward. Starting from nothing is very difficult, but most of us have more than we care to recognize. Harness your network, lean on your loved ones for support, and showcase your skills.

And the number one secret to getting what you want

Ask for it

You Will Not Get Anywhere Unless You Ask For It!

Ask the universe, ask other people, make it known what your goals are, how your are going to achieve it, and keep going. In the real world, most people won’t stand in your way while you’re moving forward. In fact, I’ve found that in many situations, you will actually get help from others towards achieving your goals. Remember to thanks the people in your life, and don’t forget them when you make it to the big leagues. No one does it alone, but it’s easy to forget that.

Well, I hope that you aren’t disappointed about the fact that it takes work and dedication to get to where you want to be, but take a moment to write down what you have, and how far you’ve come, and I guarantee ,you’ll have a better weekend for it.

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