Do more by doing less

Ah, something everyone wants to know the secret to. How do I check more things off my to do list, how do I, do more.

The answer is easy. Shorten your to do list.

Hear that silence? I do to. I have a hard time swallowing this pill as well. But I’m afraid that the hard truth is, as humans, myself especially, we love getting things done, and every time a task is checked off, a little bit of dopamine is released in to our brains, and we feel warm and fuzzy inside (that’s called feeling accomplished.)

This is all fine and dandy, until we start adding on more and more to our to do list, trying to get our hits left and right.

Filling up your to do list is easy, prioritizing these items are hard. I can’t even begin to start referencing the number of articles you can find on google about the subject, but there are many of them, and they all boil down to a single point

If you want to really get the important things done, you need to stop filling your bucket list with less pressing items

A great way to do accomplish this is to create an Urgent &Important matrix for your tasks. Tackle the upper right quadrant first, and make sure these are the items getting the bulk of your attention, since these are usually tied to your personal goals and relationships. After that, focus on the important things, and some of the urgent tasks.

As for the non-urgent and non-important, throw them in the fire pit!

Always remember, spend time on yourself, this is the most important piece of the puzzle!

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