Welcome to another Friday, and today’s moment of clarity. This week went by really fast, and I wanted to sum up with some points.

Yesterday I met with Brett Topche, managing director over at MentorTech Ventures, and we discussed a wide rang of topics about upcoming start ups, the industry as a whole, tech company valuations, as well as the ticketing industry (Brett sits on the board of TicketLeap).

One topic we covered was lifestyle companies. With all the noise about billion dollar acquisitions and raising huge sums of capital, we are forgetting that simply building a business that supports your lifestyle is a huge accomplishment. It’s easy to think businesses have to be complicated, or need to have ungodly market potential to work, and because of that, we are quick to throw out legitimate ideas. Just because an idea isn’t worth a hundred million dollars does not mean it’s a bad one, and you are more likely to succeed at your hundred million dollar idea if you started small, and gained experience getting an idea to market, building a team, and seeing success.

As we get ready for out weekends, I wanted to throw up this great comic I came across.




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