Falling asleep

WOW! I’ve not had 1000 views on my blog, not bad for not really advertising it.

Several weeks ago, I began logging my time in excel. This served two purposes, one, I could look back and see what I did and what I accomplished, two, I could analyze my work and life habits, and make changes depending on how I felt things were going.

I noticed something that I didn’t like, and over time, it seems to be an increasing problem for me. Each week starts the same, Monday I’ll put in 8 to 10 hours of solid work, and finish a lot of things on my to do list. Tuesday, I’ll maybe get 6 to 8 hours, and add a second cup of coffee. By Wednesday, I’m barely pushing 6 hours, and there is no way I’m not having 2 big cups of coffee. Thursday? Almost useless. And Friday, forget about it, I’m not getting anything accomplished.

Over the week, I go from super star, to not so far.

I’ve tried to tackle this issue different ways, including

  • Going to sleep earlier during the week
  • Spreading my work hours out evenly over the week
  • Changing my work locations
  • Taking breaks
  • Taking naps
  • Caffeine
  • No caffeine

But, at the end of it, I still find myself burned out at the end of the week. So the question is, what can I do to keep myself going through the week, and be more productive at the end of it. And I’m seriously asking this to everyone.

Something else I could try is switching to a four day work week, which allows me to take myself offline and recharge without feeling guilty for taking a break. Spending energy fighting myself for not being able to keep going full speed only helps me use up more energy, and prevents me from the benefits of actually relaxing. But, I suppose I’ll keep trying different things until I find something that works.

How do you guys keep going through the end of the week?

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