Never settling is a cornerstone of entrepreneurship. No matter where you go, the people who seem to get a head the most are the ones who are always hungry to learn more and expand their knowledge. One of my personal goals is to read 12 books a year, one for every month, though sometimes I shuffle that around depending on my time. In the beginning, most of these books were technical or business related books, which I enjoy reading, but after a while become repetitive and stale.

But I noticed something odd. The more I read these kinds of books, the more afraid I was of taking chances, afraid of making the wrong decisions. What I realized is, by spending more time on reading about a topic, and less time actually getting hands on and taking risks or building, the more time I had to second guess the decisions I made

In this blog I touch on the importance of reading new material, and also the dangers of falling into the trap of knowledge paralysis.

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