Execution is everything

Ideas. You never know when they will hit, what will spark a moment of innovations,  when it will all make sense. We all have ideas, ways we believe we can make our own lives, or the lives of others, better. Ways to make money, ways to connect, ways to grow.

In reality, only a tiny fraction of ideas actually make it from the mental world to the physical one. And even fewer of them succeed.

The difference between a successful idea, and a failed idea, I’m convinced, lies in  execution. In some respects, I feel that being able to bring a project to fruition, is more important then just having an idea. Ideas drive action, people subscribe to them, fight for them, and many times, wage wars and die from them. These are all actions that stem from an initial thought.

Take a person with a book of a hundred ideas. Many of them won’t be that good, some have already been done, but maybe a few gems lay in the midst.

Also, let’s look at a person with an single OK idea.

Person 1 ponders and ponders about their ideas, always looking for the one that instant makes them a success. However, person 2 takes a chance, and pulls some resources together in order to make a minimum viable product, thus bringing their one idea in to the physical world.

Who, in this short example, has more of a chance to succeed? I would venture to guess that person 2 has a better chance, because their idea is no longer just an idea.

This example is very short sighted, you can easily execute poorly on a great idea and it will fail. But controversially you can execute greatly on a half-baked idea, and it can skyrocket. The difference between these two scenarios boils down to executing properly.

In the linked article, Felix Dennis makes a point that an idea is not a passport to being successful, it is the beginning of the venture to get the passport. I’d like to offer a little bit of a different example. An idea IS a passport to success, it’s the key that let’s you grow intellectually, emotionally, and financially. However, the passport is just that, a passive booklet which let’s you travel the world. It’s up to you to take each step.

Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.

– Abu Bakr

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