Blocking out the noise

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with Mike Krupit for two hours about his experiences and my project. Mike was the former CEO and COO of CDNow, which you may remember their building being right off the turnpike.

One of the biggest questions I had, was how do you deal with all the contradictory information that exists in the world. No matter what you are researching, there is always a place that says this way is better than that way (whether these claims are founded or not, for now we will assume we are looking and relevant, proven claims). This is especially apparent in technology and business, everyone has a proven method, and most times, these methods are the exact opposite of what the other guy said.

The discussion that proceeded was very insightful, and I wanted to throw a few pointers up

Not all information is relevant

The reason there are so many differing opinions about what the best strategy is, is because there is no single strategy that fits every scenario. It takes a significant amount of time to figure out what is working and what is not working before success can be achieved. And even after that, you probably will need to modify things in the future anyway.

Making progress means blocking out the noise

In order to continue moving forward confidently, one needs to learn to block out a lot of the noise coming at them. This does not mean ignoring the information, but instead, digest it, contemplate is, and move on. There is a great benefit in listening to how others have done things, but you need to figure out how that applies to you, and whether or not it is relevant.

Don’t get distracted

The biggest point is, with all the information and noise flying around, it is important not to get distracted from your objectives. At the end of the day, the only true marker of whether or not you are moving in the right direction is to look back and check up on your progress, and compare that with your short and long term objectives.


Of course, a lot more was talked about in the two hours we sat down together, and more of it will come up in later posts. But for now, it’s time to sign off, and get this prototype finished!


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