If there is one thing I’m not, it’s boring. My name is AJ, I’m a technologist in Silicon Valley, focused primarily on Wearables and Internet of Things . My day to day life AJ Bubb can look good sometimes!consists of wearing a multitude of different hats, all reflecting my numerous passions.

If there is one point to really sum me up, it would be mentor. My primary driver is to teach others, help groups succeed, and grow together.



Accenture – North American Lead Wearables Practice

Today, I lead Accenture’s Emerging Technology Wearables Practice for North America. Extending the concepts brought forward by the Internet of Things, my focus of on the Human Machine Interface layer of the IOT architecture. Essentially, my goal is to figure out how wearables such as smart glasses and smart watches, including other wearable sensors, can be leverage by companies to create a more effective and efficient workforce. To date, I have worked in industries spanning aerospace, mining, oil and gas, resources, and telecom.

I am also a lead for Accenture’s Liquid Studio where I regularly demonstrate the power of NewIT, and emerging technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, IOT, and Wearables.

Prior to Accenture, I had a mis-mash of pretty amazing stories, twists of events, and all around adventures. Honestly, I can’t begin to get into everything here, but I’ll give a short summary.

Beyond Lamps

Ah, my forte into retail. Fed up with technology after over a decade with my head dead inside a computer, a series of interesting events (ending with the closing of Brave Genius, a story for another time), I found myself on a plane ride with a fellow member of the BizCasual coworking space, headed to the Mall of America. The goal? Find a product which we could sell in the malls out here on the East Coast.

Within 2 months, we had 3 stores operations through the second half of 2013. The end result is a laundry list of stories that covers everything from HR issues, to co-founder issues. Usually money was the common thread here…

However, hands down, this endeavor was the hardest I’ve worked, and most fun I’ve had professionally to date. I wouldn’t take it back, expect maybe watching the money closer next time….


Never have I seen bigger parties than when I was CTO of LineRocket Entertainment. LineRocket started with an idea, to allow people to skip the line at clubs, reserve tables and bottle service, and provide a VIP experience to your Friday night. From here, we progressed to throwing massive raves in abandoned air fields in Atlantic City, a trying our hand at high-definition live streaming of these events. This is were I had my chance to work with the folks over at JPL, including the people directly responsible for streaming the Mar’s rover landing. I here I was trying to stream some drunk kids dancing….

Claims Compensation Bureau

For almost 6 years, I was Senior Manager of Information Technology at Claims Compensation Bureau (now a subsidiary of Portfolio Recovery Associates), where I managed, and later took over entirely, a custom system which allowed the company to track all of its clients, claims, and payment made during the course of daily business. Eventually, I was able to expand the system in to what is now called the Global Class Action Platform. With this system, CCB is able to handle >99% of all claim disbursement calculations, enter them via a proprietary calculation system, and in most cases, end up with results within 1 penny of the actual claim amount. Oh, and they can do all of this without the need for an additional programming team. Slick huh?


This is just a small subsection of some of the bigger milestones in my life. Oh there is so much more…


I teach! I am a certified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. I teach recreational diving up to Dive Master. Personally, I am a deep water, technical, rebreather, wreck diver. Wow, I’m out of breath just saying that sentence. I’ve traveled a lot, done hundreds of hours of diving, and still love it all.

Here are some of my other hobbies

  • Skydiving
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Road Biking
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Unicycling and Juggling (still trying to work this one out)
  • Urban Exploring
  • Taking the dog EVERYWHERE