A new year, full of opportunity


Ever realize how everyone tends to make life altering changes on New Years, or Mondays. Well there is a good reason for it. As humans, our brains work well when there are clear stopping points between activities. For example, there was a time when I worked primarily out of my home office. At first I thought this was great, I would wake up in the morning, walk the dog, and go in to my office and start working. After a while, actually after a short period of time, I noticed that I never felt like I had any free time. My work day crept in to my down time, and consumed it entirely. Eventually, my day followed the habit of: Walk the dog, work, walk the dog, eat, work, walk the dog, work, work, walk, rinse and repeat.

I started working more, but I felt like I was accomplishing less every day.

So, 2013 is here, and I’m ready to make my life altering changes. Not just life, but in my business as well. That change, WORK LESS, PROGRESS MORE. Sounds contradictory if I say so myself. Basically I’m saying, get up out of the thick of the everyday programming world, and start venturing towards growth opportunities.

How am I starting, with a plan. I’m finally listening to my life coach and putting together my life and business plans. A road map for the next several months focusing on where I want to go, and the steps I need [or think I need] to get there. Right or wrong, at least it’s a guide, and most importantly, I hope it will prevent me from worrying about everything at once! (I don’t need to worry about finding some new projects until February 15th!)

Oh, and first post, thus completing step one of my 3 posts a week goal!

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