30 days in passing


Well, it has been 30 days since I started making big changed in the way I work, and the way I live my life. It’s probably a good time to reflect on what worked and what hasn’t, and note some of the achievements that have been made.

The first thing I needed to realize was that I couldn’t make all the changes at once, and I needed to spread them out in phases (in fact, one of my goals is to expand my deadlines outward and not cram everything in at once). I begin by focusing on internal goals, things like changing my attitude and many of my habits.  I really feel that attitude is the key to everything, when you are down, everything always seems to be closing in, and you lose sight of past, present, and future achievements. In order to keep up a healthy attitude, I taped several self affirming mantras on my mirror/computer/etc, which, as part of my daily task list, I repeat out loud, to remind myself of the importance of attitude.

Further, I changed my diet, and this really made a huge affect on my life. I’m not cutting carbs, or doing some sort of cleanse, in fact, I find myself eating 2 to 3 times more then what I used to eat. And yet in the past 30 days, not only did I break through my plateau, I zohankicklost a total of 13 pounds! Yet I will still go out and get a Pats cheese steak, with fries, AND an Arnold Palmer. The key for me was changing what I ate at home. I switched off of dairy, meat, and anything fried. I buy more fruits and vegetables (mostly cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and peaches). I moved to almond milk in my cereal, and eat lots of hummus.  To keep it short, there are a lot of little chances I made, most importantly, I changed what I wanted to eat. By cutting out fats, oils, and processed foods from home, I can afford to eat out with friends, and not worry about it (another rule, no alcohol with food, either I drink or I eat, never both). I still make lots of room for milkshakes.

If you remember from my previous post, This is control, standing by, I now spend most of my day standing. I absolutely love it. I just can’t think sitting down anymore, not being able to move around while thinking is like someone covering my mouth while trying to breathe. I’m over 100 hours standing while working, and it gets better every day.

So what hasn’t worked. Well, in all this there are things that have fallen through the cracks. Mainly, it involves keeping up with the more outward goals, such as keeping up with my internet presence, finding investment properties, and coming up with strategic plans. These are things which I always put off in the past as well. At least now I’m focusing on them a little, but it’s about time I hold myself responsible for actually getting this items done.

Well the next 30 days are here, and I hope they are even more productive then the last 30. It’s really hard to describe the change going on, I truly feel like a different person, and stand by my point that if you want something to happen, focus and dedication will get you there.

Attitude is everything, attitude is the foundation of everything

Jeff G.

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