2018 – Books of Interest

This year, I wanted to take some time to list out the books I either read, or listened to, over the course of 2018. Like before, my goal is an easy 12, but with some changes.

Last year, I ran through 4 books in the first two months, and then stopped due to some pretty boring books that blocked my progress. I built up such a long list of books I wanted to read, that the goal seemed unobtainable, and I simple dropped the whole journey.

So I came up with some ground rules:

  • If a book seems repetitive – skim through and drop it
  • If I lose interest in a book – drop it
  • Books must spark imagination or reflection – otherwise, drop it
  • No more than 2 technical, or business type books in a row


Here we go!

  1. Modern Romance – Aziz Ansari – Finished January 5, 2018 (audio)

    Aziz Ansari takes a look at how dating has changed with the advancement of technology, and how dating apps have made things harder, or easier, on our generation. Great read (listen), and sort of resonated with me, being the young single I am.


  2. The 3 Body Problem – Liu Cixin – Finished January 19, 2018 (audio)

    Cool Sci-Fi book recommended to me by my friend Victor Evdokimov – pretty cool, first one of a series, I’d recommend it.


  3. The Ten Faces of Innovation – Jonathan Littman – Started January 7, 2018 (audio) – Paused

    TBD – It’s kind of repetitive from some previous design thinking books I’ve read….


  4. A People’s History of the United States – Howard Zinn – Started January 7, 2018 (audio)

    All I know is that Columbus shouldn’t have a holiday, and it’s pretty tough to listen to the genocide he brought. All in the first chapter!